• Esalen Massage & Deep Bodywork

    A whole-person approach to therapeutic touch

    Now accepting new clients in Sonoma County

  • Massage as Medicine

    Your body is unique and deserves an informed and customized approach.


    This is not your typical spa massage. Whether you are seeking relaxation or support in addressing a specific health issue, we will collaborate to ensure your specific needs are met.


    My hope is that our work will further inform your body knowledge, in addition to supporting you in adopting self-care practices that improve your quality of life post-session.

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    Her massage practice is an engagement with the whole person both in the massage room and outside in their lives

    "She recommended a series of stretches and exercises to help with some chronic hip pain that were super helpful, and she also helped me understand more about the experience of pain and how it works on a mental level. She has a wide range of modalities and can help with a wide range of issues. Most importantly, she is a kind, warm, empathetic, and welcoming person, who sets people at ease and can help transform their lives."

    - Jon W


    Incredible practitioner in so many ways
    "Jordanna is a healer with immense knowledge about the human body. Her energy is calm, confident and knowledgeable; her hands are intuitive, precise, strong and healing."

    - David T


    There's been a lasting noticeable difference in my posture and body awareness

    "At the beginning of my first session, she took a good amount of time to learn more about my goals as they relate to massage, my life/lifestyle, and my body. I've never had a massage therapist take the time to chat with me so thoroughly beforehand. The massage itself was absolutely amazing. It was the perfect amount of feel-good relaxation while focusing on releasing tension in "problem areas". When I was done, Jordanna took the time again to discuss my body, how I felt and what she observed. I learned so much about my body from the first session alone, and continue to be impressed by Jordanna's knowledge. What she does is better described as body work, rather than massage, as I get so much out of my sessions with her and she teaches me so much."
    -Celia B


    A critical health partner through my spine recovery

    "Jordanna's an amazing massage therapist who can adjust modalities based on your needs--from deep tissue sport to somatic Esalen. [She] takes input from my physical therapist to focus on key aspects of body movement and healing. She continuously adapts sessions based on how your body is doing and will work with you on a range of healing areas (learning about the body's pain sensors, breathing, stretching, and more)."

    -Gianni A


    I didn't know what truly excellent bodywork was until I started working with Jordanna

    "Jordanna has encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy and physiology...not only does she have technical expertise, but she also has that intuitive and skillful sixth sense that makes her a true healer, able to wordlessly "read" what is going on in your body and address it with gentleness, depth and skill."

    -Liane O

  • Rates


    Sonoma County Opening Special:

    New clients receive $20 discount on their first session

    75 min session: $145*

    90 min session: $180*

    120 min session: $245*


    * New clients, please note that the above rates are after the special. Please also budget an extra 15-25 minutes for comprehensive intake and body assessment when indicated.


    Returning clients:

    75 min session: $175

    90 min session: $200

    120 min session: $265


    * Sliding scale rates available for those with demonstrated need


    * Payments may be made at the time of appointment in cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal. Please provide at least 48 hours notice before canceling an appointment to avoid being charged for the session.



    Sonoma County:

    1580 E Washington St #107,

    Petaluma, CA 94954


    East Bay:
    2915 Martin Luther Jr Way,

    Berkeley, CA 94703

    *Please note: I am not accepting new clients at this location

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  • Jordanna Alexandra Glueckauf


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    My Approach

    Integrative long strokes and deep therapeutic touch

    My interest in the transformative power of touch began during my three years of residence at the Esalen Institute, a historic healing retreat center. I immersed myself in the study of a wide variety of somatic healing modalities including, Esalen Massage and Deep Bodywork, Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, yoga therapy, and 5 Rhythms Dance.


    My work is also informed by my graduate studies in medical massage. I am currently working as a Lead Massage Therapist at UCSF's distinguished Osher Center for Integrative Health. I draw on my advanced training in oncology, neurology, pediatric, and palliative massage therapy to serve medically complex patients in the in-patient setting.


    In addition, I am pursuing continuing education in Manual Osteopathy, Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. Immersive study in these approaches inform my body assessment and palpation skills, along with my ability to offer subtle body approaches that regulate the nervous system.

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    Training & Education

    Apprenticeship in Manual Osteopathy, Albany, CA
    • Continuing education in Manual Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Acupressure Therapy
    Apprenticeship in Structural Integration, San Francisco, CA
    • Continuing education in Structural Integration, Muscle Energy Technique, and anatomy
    University of California, San Francisco’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, San Francisco, CA 
    • Lead Massage Therapist in charge of service delivery and coordination of in-patient massage therapy program at UCSF's Parnassus Hospital
    • Year-long fellowship in Hospital-Based Massage Therapy
    • Certifications in hospital-based oncology, neurology, pediatric, and palliative massage therapy
    Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 
    • Esalen Massage Practitioner Certification Program
    • Continuing education in Esalen-style Deep Bodywork, Feldenkrais, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, and Craniosacral Therapy

    Mckinnon Institute, Oakland, CA

    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Acupressure Therapy
    Niroga Institute, Oakland CA
    • Yoga Teacher Training Certification
    • Advanced training in Trauma-Informed Yoga Education

    Masters of Public Health, San Francisco State University


    Bachelors of Science in Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

  • Mission and Vision

    Massage therapy as a standard of care

    A growing body of research supports the benefits of massage therapy for a wide variety of conditions such as stress, chronic pain and illness, anxiety and depression, and auto-immune conditions. The research affirms what I have witnessed in my over 8 years of practice: massage therapy can have profound healing benefits that support the prevention and treatment of disease.


    While massage therapy is still largely considered a boutique service that exists outside the traditional healthcare system, the standard of care is changing. Massage therapy is now increasingly being offered along with conventional treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. In an effort to support the inclusion of massage therapy and other alternative healing practices into traditional healthcare settings, I pursued a Masters of Public Health at San Francisco State University with a focus on health equity.


    In the spring of 2022, I completed a year-long fellowship program in Hospital-Based Massage Therapy at UCSF’s distinguished Osher Center. I am now the Lead Massage Therapist for the program tasked with training the incoming class of fellows, in addition to coordinating service delivery and providing direct patient care. This program offers massage therapy, free of charge, to seriously ill and dying patients at UCSF. My hope is that this program will be replicated in hospitals and healthcare settings across the nation, giving all individuals access to healing touch as an integral part of allopathic medicine.

  • FAQ:

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    What is Esalen Massage?

    Esalen massage is characterized by four basic principles:

    1. "The practitioner is working with, instead of on, the client.


    2. The massage is a moving meditation; the practitioner is committed to being as fully present as possible for the entire massage session, bringing a full-hearted, meditative presence to the table.


    3. The practitioner is aware that a client may be affected on physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual levels.


    4. Long, flowing strokes, integrated throughout the massage give a sense of relaxation, connection and wholeness.


    When looking at these principles more deeply, it is apparent how interrelated they are: When a practitioner is working with, instead of on, a client, the practitioner learns to listen and respond to what he/she is feeling both in the actual tissues and on an intuitive level. Consequently, the Esalen practitioner responds to the unique issues presented by the individual client, instead of imposing a particular protocol, from or set way of working as in some other forms of massage. In order to successfully feel and know what is appropriate for a particular client, the practitioner needs to develop a full-hearted presence, the ability to be truly present and focused with the client, and to listen with the whole being.


    Often, bringing this full-hearted presence to the table enables a client to feel safe enough internally to relax and let go on very deep levels. Formerly unexpressed emotions, the holding of tissues that often follow with trapped emotions, or even held pain due to physical or emotional trauma-all have the opportunity to rise to the surface and clear from the bodymind, frequently affecting the client on more than a physical level.


    The responsibility of the Esalen practitioner is to stay fully present and provide a safe space, thus supporting the release of the pain or emotion that was originally trapped in the tissue in the body.


    The fourth principle, the long, flowing strokes in Esalen massage, not only relax and prepare clients for deeper touch, they also easily move the practitioner from one area to another are of the body, supporting the feelings of connection, integration and wholeness. The effectiveness of the long integrating strokes is becoming more apparent as evidenced by the number of other massage modalities have begun incorporating signature Esalen strokes.”


    ~Deborah Anne Meadow – Massage Magazine April 2011


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    Sliding Scale

    ​Making massage therapy more accessible

    In an effort to make my massage therapy services more accessible to more people, I offer several sliding scale sessions per month. Those that pay full price are supporting individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford these services.


    Please email me if you have demonstrated need.

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    Benefits of Massage Therapy

    A Whole-Body Approach to Healing

    Massage therapy is an integral part of a holistic approach to optimal health and wellness. Whether you are seeking treatment for an acute injury, greater functional mobility, or stress reduction, massage is a powerful tool that brings the body systems back into a harmonious balance.


    With integrative, long flowing strokes and targeted deep tissue techniques, I will attune to your body's specific needs and tailor my session to provide maximal therapeutic benefits that last long after the session has ended.


    My hope is to build a trusting relationship that facilitates healing of the physical, emotional, and energetic body.

  • Schedule a session

    Please note, I am only accepting new clients at the Petaluma office. If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me using the email or phone number below. I look forward to learning more about what brings you to massage therapy, and your specific needs.


    It may take a couple of days for me to respond to your inquiry. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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